Session Details


Before I take a photo I would love to meet with you and your child. It would be great to get to know you all a little, observe them at play, get a bit of an understanding of who they are. Then I will go away and think about what it is about them that I want to capture, is it something in their personality? Is it their cheeky playful smile or the colour of their eyes?  I will offer up a location that I think would complement them. It could be as simple as a wall, the colour or texture of it. Maybe your backyard or the funky wallpaper in the spare room… Nothing fancy, more something complimentary.

Lens are chosen, said model is dressed and in place, then everything gets turned on its head, kids are unpredictable, sometimes hard to negotiate with. All of this comes into play and the magic begins, it is no longer about the clothing or backgrounds, it’s about capturing that child in a moment that is the image that will tell a story for a lifetime. I will be prepared for the unpredictable.

To date I have never photographed a child for more than 40 minutes, they just aren’t into it for that long. It is quite often around about this time where I get the image where they may not be smiling but the image will be honest and have an intensity with the right amount of everything. I will be there for as long as is needed to capture the magic.

Babies can be a bit of a different story, they may take longer to settle, need feeding, comforting, changing. I will stay for as long as it takes to get ‘the’ shot.


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